Google Suggest Pret – Nederlandse editie

Eerder vandaag schreef ik over screenshots die op internet circuleren over de onthullende zoeksuggesties die Google doet. Tijd voor een experiment. Ga er even rustig voor zitten, want denk maar niet dat het met de Nederlanders beter gesteld is dan de Engelstalige Google gebruikers… 😛

Suggest is the new Google Battle

Google Suggest is the new Google Battle. I’ve had a good laugh already at Google’s suggest declaring facebook is for loosers and twitter is retarded, but this takes it to the next level:


It’s no longer just about how many hits you get, it’s what those hit’s say about you and what people expect them to say about you.

The trick still works, just start typing and you’re good to go. Non-English language settings might interfere or produce different results, but when using the original English it still works. This one’s fresh of the web tonight:


And here’s two other examples:


(from – much more of those over there!)